LS633 Two-dimensional 360° Line Laser (360°V-360°H-180°V)

 Line laser series product features as the self-leveling, simple operation, economic and practical, is used widely for indoor decoration, door & window and cabinet fitting, suspended ceiling, picture hanging and other professional & DIY market field. It provides the horizontal and vertical reference




 Output 8 laser lines, form two-dimensional 360° laser line and 180° vertical laser line
 Form front, upper, down, left and right 5 cross laser lines

  Floor cross line outside the unit, convenient for the positioning application
 Compatible for both indoor and outdoor applications, switchable between the continuous laser and the pulse laser
 Self-leveling, warning when beyond self-leveling range
 Able to shield the alarming function, and use for tilt purpose




 Laser wavelength :635nm
 Laser class: Class II
 Accuracy: ±0.2mm/m
 Leveling range: ±4°
 Power: 3*AA alkaline battery or Li battery
 Size: Φ5 2/16’’x 3 4/16’’x5( 130×82×127mm)
 Weight: 2.64lbs(1.2kg)



Basic kit:

LS633 main unit, LS310-4 adapter, Li-rechargeable battery, target, soft bag