• Pivoted vertical window
  • Burst flashing mode
  • Photosensitive mode
  • Electronic auto-leveling, laser flash and sound indication when
  • beyond leveling range
  • Self-leveling both in positive and reverse direction
  • Output 3 360º laser lines
  • Form 6 cross laser lines
  • Vertical laser plane distance from wall up to 6mm
  • horizontal laser plane distance from floor up to 8mm
  • Continuous or pulse laser, compatible for both indoor and
  • outdoor applications
  • Able to shield warning function and use for tilt purpose
  • Able to connect with the tripod through 1/4" and 5/8" screw thread
  • Able to connect with the wall mount through 1/4" screw thread
  • Well-designed accessories can expand the usage of the instrument

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