GNSS land leveling system

  • 1. simple operation, one key to set the benchmark, 5S to operate
  • 2. Long operation distance: the operation radius of the portable mobile base station is 3-5km, and the fixed base station is 15-30km.
  • 3. Field operation is not affected by the weather such as dust, sand, and fog and so on. THe precision of operation is high and 24H operation can be realized all the time.
  • 4. Easy to install and debug, easy to maintain, can directly replace all manufacturers of various types and widths of laser flat control system.
  • 5. Based on Beidou high precision positioning system, compatible with GPS/GLONASS.
  • 6. Compatible with other manufacturers of satelite flat systems, can save sets of base stations.
  • 7. The base station is easy to set up, can be set up at any place without leveling. It can work as long as it has power supply.
  • 8. PT valve can be adjusted.
  • 9. Digital display with high-definiton OLED screen, can timely display height difference and equipment ruuning state information.
  • 10.Height measurement function, can master the information of height difference before leveling
  • 11.Has the radio frequency regulation function, frequency range 410MHZ-470M HZ, arbitrary adjustment of frequency point, avoids the radio signal interference.

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